Mark Freeman Says Keith Woods is a ‘Problem Solver’

Interview with Mark Freeman about Keith Woods (running for re-election to the SRP Board of Directors on April 7th, 2020): A number of years ago I met Keith when he was soliciting petition signatures for the SRP Election. We developed a relationship with that, but what I liked about Keith was that he was genuine. He was a family man. He represented his districts, and he enjoyed people. I think to do this job effectively, you have to enjoy people because it is not an easy job, and as an elected official you do take some heat. Along with that heat you are a problem solver.

I think to do this job effectively, you have to enjoy people

Vice-Mayor Mark Freeman, Mesa, Arizona

In my thirty plus years as a fire captain and paramedic I resolved thousands of problems in my career, and so I like that as an attribute of an individual that will reach out and resolve problems effectively, and it may not always have the best outcome but at least you are listening, and you are following through and resolving a problem for a positive outcome.

About Mark Freeman:

Mark is the Vice-Mayor of Mesa, Arizona. Elected to the Mesa City Council in August 2016, Councilmember Mark Freeman began his first term representing District 1 in January of 2017. He was named Vice Mayor on January 28, 2019. His term on the Council runs until January of 2021.

Freeman’s Mesa roots run deep, as his ancestor, Charles Crismon, was one of the founding fathers of Mesa. His family has farmed in the Valley since 1878 and Freeman continues that tradition today, growing alfalfa and sweet corn and running a summer farmer’s market at Brown and Center Street. In addition to farming, he spent 31 years with the Mesa Fire and Medical Department as a Captain Paramedic before retiring in 2011.

Mark has always been active in the community, serving on the Mesa Board of Adjustment as well as serving as the Lehi area Board President for 12 years. In addition, he has been involved with the Maricopa County and Arizona Farm Bureau organizations for many years.

Mark has lived in Mesa for more than 60 years. He and his wife LeeAnn have a strong family value, with great love for their three children and eight grandchildren. His oldest son is currently serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Captain. Their other children reside in Mesa.