What Qualities to Look for in an SRP Board Member

An SRP Election testimonial by Mark Freeman of Keith Woods, on demonstrating leadership. Here is what Vice-Mayor Freedman had to say: “From my perspective I believe that a board member at Salt River Project is important again the attributes that a person should have is compassion, being reliable, being able to show up to your meetings promptly and on-time if you are in a leadership position. You assume a leadership role and at the end of the day Keith Woods does that.

You have to have multi-points of relationship within an organization to get the work done.

Mark Freeman

He works well with his Board members, he also strategically talks to Council members, and also visits with management, because that is the responsibility that an elected official has. You have to have multi-points of relationship within an organization to get the work done, and by getting that work done then you show your constituents and others who you serve that you are reliable and that they are willing to trust you. And I think that ‘trust’ is the key word in this position because when a person says what they are going to do, they better follow through with what they do for a positive outcome.”

About Mark Freeman:

Mark is the Vice-Mayor of Mesa, Arizona. Elected to the Mesa City Council in August 2016, Councilmember Mark Freeman began his first term representing District 1 in January of 2017. He was named Vice Mayor on January 28, 2019. His term on the Council runs until January of 2021.

Freeman’s Mesa roots run deep, as his ancestor, Charles Crismon, was one of the founding fathers of Mesa. His family has farmed in the Valley since 1878 and Freeman continues that tradition today, growing alfalfa and sweet corn and running a summer farmer’s market at Brown and Center Street. In addition to farming, he spent 31 years with the Mesa Fire and Medical Department as a Captain Paramedic before retiring in 2011.

Mark has always been active in the community, serving on the Mesa Board of Adjustment as well as serving as the Lehi area Board President for 12 years. In addition, he has been involved with the Maricopa County and Arizona Farm Bureau organizations for many years.

Mark has lived in Mesa for more than 60 years. He and his wife LeeAnn have a strong family value, with great love for their three children and eight grandchildren. His oldest son is currently serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Captain. Their other children reside in Mesa.