Testimonial: Ray Artigue

Why Ray Artigue Supports Keith Woods for the SRP Board of Directors

Ray Artigue has been a community leader in the valley for more that 30 years. He’s headed up the Phoenix Open, the Thunderbirds, and played a significant role with Jerry Collangelo’s Phoenix Suns organization. He is also a longtime Arcadia (Phoenix) resident. In a recent interview Ray strongly endorsed Keith Woods for re-election to the SRP Board of Directors. Ray said, “You want to somebody who is involved, and that happens when a volunteer takes their role seriously and that is Keith Woods. Consistency, participation, advocacy…Keith has chaired so many committees as he’s served on the board over the years – power committee, governance and the rest. I know of no better director for SRP and let’s hope that he can continue to serve us.”

He’s been a very strong proponent of what SRP is all about.

“My wife and I have lived in Arcadia all of our adult lives, and raised our family here. Arcadia is very special, very unique, One of the things that makes it that way is the citrus trees and the expansive green lawns, and that is all possible because of the canal system, the irrigation district, and the flood irrigation.”

Without that Arcadia becomes just another also-ran, me-too kind of neighborhood, and we never want to see that happen.”

About Ray Artigue

Ray Artigue is the founder of Artigue Advisors, a marketing consulting firm that he founded in 2016.

Prior to starting this firm, Artigue served for four years as Executive Director of the MBA Sports Business Program at Arizona State University, where as a Professor of Practice, he also developed and taught numerous graduate-level courses.

For 15 seasons, Artigue served as Senior Vice President of Marketing Communications for the NBA Phoenix Suns. While there, he was credited with developing many “best practices” throughout the league and often was a trainer/consultant to various NBA franchises.