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Testimonial: Bob Emmelkamp

Testimonial by Bob Emmelkamp, Says Keith Woods Gets Big Picture Bob Emmelkamp is an SRP customer, and a health advocate, in Phoenix, Arizona. He was also very active in the 2015 SRP rate hearings. Here is what Bob had to say. “So I always felt that when I talked with Keith about the issues with […]

Testimonial: Mark Pace

Mark Pace Recommends Keith Woods for the SRP Board According to longtime SRP Board Director Mark Pace, technology is changing so fast, that we need utility leaders like Keith that ask questions and stay up on the latest trends. Because this isn’t the same electric and water company of yesteryear. For more information about the […]

Testimonial: Ray Artigue

Why Ray Artigue Supports Keith Woods for the SRP Board of Directors Ray Artigue has been a community leader in the valley for more that 30 years. He’s headed up the Phoenix Open, the Thunderbirds, and played a significant role with Jerry Collangelo’s Phoenix Suns organization. He is also a longtime Arcadia (Phoenix) resident. In […]

Testimonial: Dave Lamoreaux

Why Dave supports Keith Woods for the SRP Board of Directors SRP has been around since 1903. My grandfather was born here in 1891, so we’ve been around a long time also. Salt River Project started out as a water company, building the dams and supplying irrigation to the valley. Secondary was the power, yet […]

Testimonial: Michael Rakow

Michael Rakow supports Keith Woods for re-election to the Salt River Project Board of Directors. Mike who is on SRP’s Council, and has served as Vice-Chairman, had this to say; Keith is a very effective leader. He took the company through a very difficult time during the succession crisis. He led the entire Board of […]

Testimonial: Steve Neil

Steve Neil on Keith’s Goal “To Be A Better Board” Lehi resident Steve Neil was an early adopter of clean power. First by installing a home solar system with SRP, and government incentives (at that time). Then a few years ago investing in an electric vehicle (powered in large part by his home’s solar system). […]

Testimonial: Court Rich

From my standpoint I think what SRP does on renewable energy is really important, and that’s how I have been most involved in dealing with SRP. I think that a good board member is one that’s willing to interact with constituents and talk to people that have issues and not just show up at board […]