Tag: Keith Woods

Testimonial: Dave Lamoreaux

Why Dave supports Keith Woods for the SRP Board of Directors SRP has been around since 1903. My grandfather was born here in 1891, so we’ve been around a long time also. Salt River Project started out as a water company, building the dams and supplying irrigation to the valley. Secondary was the power, yet […]

Testimonial: Michael Rakow

Michael Rakow supports Keith Woods for re-election to the Salt River Project Board of Directors. Mike who is on SRP’s Council, and has served as Vice-Chairman, had this to say; Keith is a very effective leader. He took the company through a very difficult time during the succession crisis. He led the entire Board of […]

Testimonial: Steve Neil

Steve Neil on Keith’s Goal “To Be A Better Board” Lehi resident Steve Neil was an early adopter of clean power. First by installing a home solar system with SRP, and government incentives (at that time). Then a few years ago investing in an electric vehicle (powered in large part by his home’s solar system). […]

Testimonial: Court Rich

From my standpoint I think what SRP does on renewable energy is really important, and that’s how I have been most involved in dealing with SRP. I think that a good board member is one that’s willing to interact with constituents and talk to people that have issues and not just show up at board […]