SRP’s Keith Woods Called a “Team Builder” and a “Statesman”

Connected by Friendship for 24 Years

SRP Board Director Mario Herrera shares his thoughts on fellow director Keith Woods, their mutual connection with the late Burton Barr, and how Keith helped deliver SRP from the leadership “chaos” with his leadership succession plan.

SRP District 3’s (L to R) Paul Van Hofwegen, Mario Herrera and Rick Swier.

Mario Herrera is quoted: “There’s some history between Keith and me. Keith served under Burton Barr and as ironic as it might sound my father used to cut Burton Barr’s hair. Burton Barr has been a big part of Keith’s life and he has been a big part of my life. It’s kind of a neat deal, but I think it is one of the reasons we hit it off. Keith is very exceptional. He’s really a cool guy. I like his leadership. If there’s one word I can say about him is, he is a “statesman”.

If there’s one word I can say about (Keith) is, he is a ‘statesman’

Mario Herrera, SRP Board Director, District 3

He is a statesman simply because of the fact he tries to spread all of the knowledge and all of the teamwork. I think he learned that at the legislature when he served, but he does very well at it. He was one of the chairman of the first governance committees we had, and boy that was the greatest appointment that (SRP President) David (Rousseau) ever made, because at that time we had a lot of chaos, a lot of problems, and Keith kind of brought it together. It was kind of neat and I loved every time that I left that meeting, and feeling that ‘hey, this guy’s got a handle on it, this guy has his thumb on it, and he knows what’s going on with it’. God bless him! It helped. At one time we were not getting along as a (group of) board members, and guess what?! Keith brought (us) together.

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