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Let’s keep the flow of clean, affordable water and power going!

Keith Woods, candidate for re-election, SRP Board of Directors

Through the efforts of our publicly elected SRP Board, and Council, this utility has become a leader among electric and water utilities. Here are just a few of the accomplishments over the past year.

  • 1,000 megawatts of new utility-scale solar energy to SRP’s system by the end of FY 2025.
  • Enhanced Battery Storage Incentive Program in place to support the use of residential battery storage systems.
  • 50,000 acre-feet of water provided to the Central Arizona Project as part of the regional Drought Contingency Plan.
  • In November, 2019, Navajo Generating Station decommissioning begins.
  • Electric prices move down by 2.2% at the March, 2019, public pricing process. (read more)
Keith Woods, candidate for SRP Board of Directors
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Keith’s Vision for SRP’s Future

Powering Up

Keith supports the integration of low cost, large scale solar and battery storage projects, because they are clean, easy to run, and lower in price than most traditional forms of electric generation on the market today. But, remember, this endeavor is a marathon, and not a sprint. He promotes a measured strategy that onboards new renewables in sync with off-boarding coal fired generation over the next 15 years. So, that rate payers, like you, will not be paying higher electric rates due to charges against stranded costs.

Getting Around

Keith promotes the use of electric cars and trucks in the SRP service territory, by having the utility continue to provide options for encouraging EV adoption and managing charging. It’s a ‘win-win’ for the electric rate payer and for the utility. The rate payer gets ‘consumer price’ options that give lower rate opportunities for overnight charging. For the utility, a new market is created during off-peak hours, supporting the public company with increased electric sales. This new opportunity off-set’s flat lined demand elsewhere.

Cooling Down

The SRP canal and irrigation system must maintained in perpetuity. It’s imperative that the board continue support for water services. It’s not only the board’s legal obligation, but the right choice for Arizona’s economy. Also, by supporting agricultural and neighborhood private irrigation systems with first-in-class customer support. We must continue my endeavor of promoting the formation of neighborhood irrigation delivery districts. These districts allow neighborhoods to operate their systems without fail, and financial burden.

Being ‘Smarter’

This company needs to be the platform for future ‘smart’ cities. This can be accomplished with tools already owned, SRP’s telecom system and smart meters. Making the investment in capital, personnel and technology to create a next generation ‘smart grid’ will make your consumer experience better. Currently, you can enjoy the benefits of quicker outage restoration, improved cyber security, and the ability to better serve customers using distributed generation, battery storage, and electric vehicles.

Irrigation is the answer to curbing the ‘heat island effect’, data shows that “heavily irrigated residential areas are coolest, due both to evaporating surface water and the shading effect of trees.

(source ASU “Sustainability News“)